How to analyse sports competitions?

Find out how you can analyse your sports performance like the pros do!

As you probably know, I am a canoe slalom athlete. I compete in a lot of races throughout the year. So I know the feeling before a competition. It obviously varies from sport to sport, however most athletes get a little bit nervous before. If you are too stressed, your mind won’t be calm, which means you are more prone to mistakes.

In this blog you are going to imagine that you are stressed before the competition, and you haven’t calmed down. You have to start the game/run. After the game you know that you made quiet a few mistakes. But how do you analyse your game/run? I’m going to tell you my two favourite ways to analyse my runs, but it isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone.

1. What Went Well?

Your performance won’t always meet your expectations. On your way to the top, the will be more losses than wins. Unfortunately. I know that you will be angry and upset which will make you think that everything was terrible, and nothing good. But after you have calmed down, try it. Because once you know what went well, you will be able to find your mistakes more specifically. On the other hand, don’t just say something like ‘well I was just tired’ or ‘it wasn’t my fault’. Think good and hard about what went wrong. Only when you admit you made mistakes, you will be able to learn from them.


2. Relive The Moment

But how do you know what went well? The best way I find, is to go back in time in your mind and relive the game/run all over. Focus hard to remember every movement you did. Think what you should of done differently to make it work. Just close your eyes and use your imagination skills. This is a technique used by word class athletes such as Wayne Rooney, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Andy Murray. It is also very useful for before competitions, to imagine your perfect game/run.

So these are the two things I do after every competition. It might not work for everyone as well, but it should definitely help. No wonder the world best athletes do these.





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