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Is there such a thing as a perfect sports game?

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I am going to tell you the things that I have learned since I started canoeing. I have always heard people talking about if there is such a thing as a perfect game/run. This blog is more specifically related to sport such as Canoe Slalom where things can change very rapidly.

So is it possible to have a perfect game or in my case a run?

Well, it is possible. But once in a lifetime, if you are lucky enough. So if it’s so rare, what should I do?  The very important thing is being able to react very fast from your mistakes. A good example is Daniele Molmenti. He had a few mistakes in his Olympic final run. It’s was no where near perfect, however he went on to win the Gold Medal In The 2012 Olympics. But how? He reacted very fast to his mistakes, didn’t make a big deal of it and kept focused. I did a session once where people were shouting and distracting me on purpose so I can practice refocusing. You can apply that in pretty much any sport. It takes practice and practice.

The bottom line here is that you might never have a perfect run. But the important thing is to be able to refocus when thing don’t go your way. I highly recommend trying to train a few times in a distracting environment. So when you are in a real competition, you will have less pressure.

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