What music is best for sports performance?

Find out exactly what is the best music to train harder and better!

Do you listen to music to improve your focus and sports performance? I certainly do.  There is no right or wrong music to listen to. Bet there have been a few studies looking into the link between energy levels and music.

I personally listen to music to calm myself, but also to improve my focus levels. This is all in your mind. Maybe you have seen this…truth0

So what does science tell me to listen to?

‘Synchronous music’ refers to up tempo songs with a strong beat that coincide (occur at the same time) with the repetitive movements of a sport. And it’s this type of music that leads to a higher work output in athletes, especially in sports that involve endurance with repetitive movements such as cross country running as well as skiing. Music can help even more if it has a personal meaning to the person. For athletes who suffer from pre-competition anxiety, music can be used to enhance mood as well as confidence. For athletes who are able to listen to music while competing, music can narrow an athletes attention which would divert focus away from the sensation of fatigue. Almost all studies show that muscle power and heart rate are increased, regardless of what kind of speed and composition the music is. However, music with an upbeat tempo greater than 120bpm, yielded the greatest improvements.

I have gave you some examples below of music with high bpm:

But if you are not a fan of those kinds of songs, you can read this article about Eminem. It shows how his music can improve athletic performance by up to 10%.

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