What is the best alarm ringtone for early mornings?

Find out what is the best and easiest way to wake up in those early mornings. You might be surprised!

We all have a hard time waking up early in the morning. Either for school or work. But what is the best ringtone for those early morning. I am going to give you some of my best recommendations!

I have tried lots of options. My favourite songs, or just really loud sounds. But nothing has seemed to work as well as what I am about to give you.

  • Motivational Videos and Speeches put together

They are very good because as you are slowly woken up by a voice and not just loud music. The words they say are very powerful, so just when you want to hit snooze you listen to it. Personally, the same one doesn’t get boring, works every time. It works best when I have to wake up at 4 in the morning and travel long distances for competitions or training in places such as Scotland or London.

Below is my most favourite one. Because of the powerful background music together with the deep voice works every time. It feels like the video has been personally made for me:

However, you have to find your favourite one yourself, as we all have different motivations and goals. A good way to find one that works for you is to thing about someone who inspires you. It doesn’t have to be a person. It can be your dream or a big goal, and that is what makes you get out of bed in those dark, cold early morning. For me it’s the thought of being in the Olympics one day and getting a medal. Once you have found what motivates and inspires you, you have to use website such as Google and YouTube. However, it doesn’t have to be a speech. It can be something with strong and powerful words. For example Till I Collapse by Eminem. There is definitely something out there for you.

This is something that I have found to be a huge help for me. But as you know, everyone is different!




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