Competition Physical Useful Tips

How to be the best you can be in sport and the gym?

Find out here how to become the greatest you can be in anything. Especially sport and gym!

This is a great question. How can you be the best in anything? Just to let you know before you read on, there is no secret. However, today I will give you a very important and useful tip you can apply in nearly anything.

Train with people who are much better than you. Whenever it’s in the gym or your chosen sport. Be with people who make you push. Because that is the way you at going to become better. Better can mean very different to people. It can be becoming stronger in the gym or in ice skating. I am personally not very sociable, but that doesn’t matter. Some people can easily train on their own, however I always need competition to do my best. That is why my favourite training days are when we are getting timed. My coaches are always telling me to focus on the process rather than the result, because the process is how you are going to get your desired result. Even though I am an elite athlete, I am always trying to focus on the process, as naturally I’m a very competitive person.

You may be asking yourself, ‘how do I choose the right people’. It’s pretty simple as long as you remember this. Choose people who are ten times better than you, not twice. Then go and find people, talk to a lot of different ones. I also recommend you to choose a handful of people, because as they say, ‘you are never going to find all the answers from one person’. Personally, I have some trouble talking to strangers, because as I said I’m not very sociable, but always practising. You probably haven’t heard of the 33% rule. You have to spend 33% of your time with people who are lower than you, so you can watch what they are doing wrong, and maybe teach them. The second 33% you spend with people who are the same level as you. And the last 33% you have to spend with people who are ten times better than you. This is the most important part. Watch and learn from the best. Lastly I will tell you that there are only two ways to learn. Books or Mentors/Coaches. If you can’t train with the person you want to be like, then read their book, it’s like talking to them. Second way is from mentors/coaches. They know better than you.

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