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How to take risks in sport and exercise?

Find out here, what the right answer is to '' Should I risk it? Very Useful!
This is a very “risky” question to answer because people’s answer’s can vary dramatically. Some people tell you to take all kinds of risks, and some tell you to take no risks at all.
So what is the correct answer?
As you may know, nearly everything on the blogs comes from my coaches and experience. I as a canoe slalom athlete have to take risks to gain extra time. But when I say I will take some risks, I say “calculated risks” as that is the way everyone should think about it. Some individuals take some very stupid risks, like walking on the railway just for a photo, that’s stupid because they are not thinking about the consequences of their actions. Then, there are individuals who don’t take any risks at all, which is not very smart either. You want to find the balance that is just right.
Specifically talking about exercise. Let’s make gym an example. You want to get a bigger chest, so you are adding a lot of weight to your bench press. You do 5 reps and keep pushing your limits. So add even more weight. Wham! Just like that, you have a bad injury in your shoulder. Before you add that extra weight, make sure it’s not a risk, but a calculated risk. I’m not in any way saying, don’t push your limits, just make sure you think it through before you start. Obviously everyone makes mistakes, so hopefully this article was a small reminder to think it through, before you do anything.
Lastly, this is especially for athletes. We all as athletes want to get better and better, faster. Missing that one warm up could give you a dislocated shoulder. And in just one moment, you whole career as an athlete could go down the drain. Obviously, athletes are able to recover from injuries. But as they say “prevention is better than cure”. Because while you are recovering, your competitors will be training hard. Which means when you recover, if you do, then you will have missed a lot of training. To be honest, I myself aren’t a big fan of warm ups. And one session I really hurt my wrist, it was a very small injury, however it made me miss one whole week of training, it all easily adds up. Quality over quantity! Before any action, just rethink, it’s that simple but a lot of people forget it.

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