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Easiest way to solve boredom!

Here is a super simple but useful article to solve boredom!

I often message a lot of my friends and they are always saying they have noting to do or they are bored! They then spend the whole day doing nothing. That is such a waste of time. So what do I do when I’m bored.

There is a simple one word answer: Think

Seriously. The other day I had done all my work already in the morning and had a free day. I was just sitting in the house trying to find something to do. Probably spent a whole hour doing literally nothing. So I go online and saw this Red Bull video where a guy was on a motorbike and going super fast across water. That made me want to try it too. I don’t have a motorbike so I just took my bike to a field with a river by it, got lots of speed and tried to repeat what I saw in the video. Obviously I wasn’t going fast enough because it’s physically impossible on a bike. However, it was so much fun!

So next time you’re bored, think, if you are curious about anything or you have a good idea. If you don’t have a good idea, surf the web for 10 minutes, not an hour! This was a super short but hopefully useful article.  If you would like to see what I did on that day, you can see it here.  Just do it because I can guarantee, it will be a lot more fun than sitting at home all day!

Try It!

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