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How to do more fun things?

Most powerful guide to doing more of the things that you love!

This is a great question because when I ask people what they want to do, most of the time they will answer with something along the lines of ”I want to do it but I don’t have it” or ”I don’t have the money”. Be an optimist! Don’t listen to yourself at that point.

So how exactly can I do more fun things if I don’t have the money you may be asking. The short answer to this is, think about what you do have. Use the things you already have. As they say ”Don’t let the things you want, make you forget the things you have”. That is a very important quote. A great example is that I live in a village and it doesn’t have a swimming pool nearby. However, there is a river two minutes away. Obviously it won’t be as nice and warm but it’s a lot better than complaining. Make the most out of every situation.

If you think money will make you instantly happy. You’re right and wrong at the same time. Because it’s not money directly that will make you happy, but it’s the financial freedom that it gives you. Although if you grow up with a lot of money, it’s not ideal as it doesn’t make you think as much. You will just go to all the attractions that cost. It’s definitely a lot better for you as a person if you work up to the top of the ladder yourself (enough money to be financially free). I fully agree with the some of the celebrities like Gordon Ramsay who won’t just give they fortune to their kids. But will make them understand that they have to do it themselves.

The last thing I will discuss is having the ‘thing’. Lets make a packet of sweets the example. So you really want these sweets, but they are super expensive. Don’t go to your parents and beg for more money. Use what you have. Go online, find the ingredients, buy them, because most of the time making them will be a lot cheaper than buying already made. Plus you will have a lot more satisfaction enjoying the sweets after because you know the amount of work into producing them. A good example of ‘making over buying’ is a YouTuber named Casey Neistat. If you need some inspiration watch his Gold Apple Watch video. Rather than buying it, he made it himself.

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