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YouTube Announcement

Huge Announcement!

You might know that I used to vlog on YouTube. However I couldn’t fit it together with my training because it took such a long time for me to edit, so I would be up till midnight editing. However, recently I was inspired by a guy names Tai Lopez on YouTube with his ”Here in my garage…” video. He does videos on self-improvement and business. However he’s business works by giving free advice on YouTube, building trust and then getting people to buy his 67 Steps or join he’s Social Media Marketing Course.

A lot of people say he’s a scam. I personally don’t think it is but I can’t confirm it. So I have started a YouTube channel which will go along side with this blog. Sometimes it’s hard to put some things into words, so video is better. However, sometime it’s the opposite. It is pretty much my website put into a video form plus some other things.

I hope you will find it useful. The videos will be around 3-4 minutes long. But maximum 10. I have only just started it so there aren’t a lot of videos on there but here is the link. I would really appreciate if you could subscribe and drop a like.┬áThank You!

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