How to reduce stress and feeling of pressure?

This is the second and last part of the topic pressure.

I enjoy answering questions that have a one word answer! This is one of those. The biggest reason you feel stress and pressure is because you are focusing too much on the outcome. That is exactly what causes the feeling of pressure.

So what is the solution you may be asking. The answer is to focus on the process. It sounds complicated, but it’s simple.

  1. Focusing On Outcome/Goal – You focus on this and you will forget about how to actually get there.
  2. Focusing On The Process – You focus on this and you will get to the outcome much faster


This might seem like a very small and simple principle. However, once you fully understand it, it will all make sense. I think it’s so important in fact, that I will make an example. I will relate it to sport as this is a health and fitness website.

Let’s say that Ben wants to be 5th out of 15 runners in a race. You have to run twice in one day, each is running, but they are separate tests. After the first run, he is only 9th. Ben will then go to his coach to tell him that he did really bad because he is 9th and not 5th. Then, this is the important part. If you have a smart coach, he will say something along the lines of ”Yes I know that’s where you don’t want to be, but now you have to forget about the last test, and focus on this next one”.

So what Ben’s coach is trying to tell him is that he needs to think about pacing and how much energy he will put in at each part of the run rather than just think he needs to try very hard to be 5th.

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