Why little details are most important?

In a study of 150 diner restaurants it was discovered that simply using high-quality cutlery resulted in customers willing to pay 20% more for their food compared to people eating the same meal with a lower quality knife and fork.

The research, carried out by a team from Oxford University also showed that people eating with heavier cutlery thought food even tasted better. So if you own a restaurant, keep that in mind to keep your customers coming back. As you can see from this first example, every little detail is important. The little things make up the big.

Little things like a handshake…

The same thing applies to handshakes. Having a good firm handshake isn’t an old fashion thing, but is actually something you will be unconsciously judged upon. Of course for women a firm handshake isn’t as important, but you could try making a little accident.

Doing occasional mistakes is good…

This might sound a little bit weird. But doing something small like knocking a coffee over. It might seem like making a mistake or being clumsy makes you look stupid. However a theory was tested by a man named Elliot Aronson. In his test he asked participants to listen to recordings of people answering questions on a quiz. The recordings included the sound of the person knocking over a cup of coffee. When the participants were asked to rate the quizzers on likeability, they rated the people who knocked over the cup of coffee as more likeable. The ”Pratfall Effect” as it’s called is a good reminder that it is okay to be fallible. Occasional mistakes are not only acceptable, but they may in turn out to be beneficial. Just as long as they aren’t critical mistakes. This is another example of paying attention to the little things. They seem so small, but they make a big change.

Your CV…

And when it comes to your CV, make sure you pay attention to things like the quality of the paper. As prospect employees sift through the thousands of CV’s, the feel of a high quality paper will really make yours stand out from the rest.

So what can you do?

This all takes practise, however once you learn to pay attention to the little things, it will be a big change. So start today. If you have a meeting coming up for example, make sure you pay attention to having a good-looking pen as well as having good handwriting. Nobody likes scribble and messy writing. These kinds of things seem like they don’t matter, however they play a big part of what people think of you.



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