2 Ultimate Ways Of How You Can Get More Exercise While Working In The Office

Are you not getting enough exercise? Are you always sitting down and doing work? Something has to change.

I understand that a lot of you have a 9-5 job and when you get home you are either doing more work or entertaining yourself by the computer or TV until you go sleep. Then repeat the same the next day. The problem isn’t just that you aren’t getting enough exercise, but your week is very repetitive as you are always busy. Let me help you get more exercise without even buying a gym membership! It’s so simple yet no body is doing it.
If you have spear money and want to invest in yourself…
1#- Firstly let me give you a way which costs money but it is called investing in yourself, which means that you are helping yourself somehow in the long term. It is definitely not called wasting money. The product that I’m talking about is called a treadmill desk. It is a desk which has a treadmill together. You don’t have to always be running on it but setting it up to 3-4kmh is a perfect speed which you can work at the same time as walking. And in just one hour of work, you will of also walked 4km. Doesn’t that sound perfect? It is! This doesn’t require any extra time out of your day, and you can also do it while reading.

If you’re not yet convinced, let me show you the numbers:
If you have a 9-5 job, it equals to 8 hours of sitting down. So if you set the treadmil to 5kmh, in a whole day at work, you will of walked 40kmh. That incredible! But if you aren’t able to get a treadmill desk in your office, at least get one at home! In just 5 days of working, you will of walked 200km!
2#- Now let me tell you the second way, this costs £0.00! You have to read this part carefully to really understand it and for it to work. Lets make an example. If you live 1 mile away from work, why would you take a car if you can walk. Think of all that benefit. It has also been proven that just walking/running/cycling 20 minutes before work or a school test has significantly increased students and workers scores. That is because of all that fresh air, Oxygen. This is just one example, however you can do this everywhere.
If you have to go the shop which is 1.5 miles away and you have no rush, walk there, don’t drive. Plus, when you walk back with shopping bags, it’s an arm workout. You may be saying that these little things won’t change anything or benefit you. However, in the long term you will feel the difference. Here are just some of the benefits: It will make your heart stronger, which in turn will decrease the chance of a heart attack. It will strengthen your joints which will decrease the chances of joint pain for example.
These are just a few examples, I highly recommend you try both of these methods. But if you put them both together, you will get twice the benefit. If you found this helpful, share it with your friends and help them get more exercise!

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