The Latest Guide To Dealing With Stress!


Being told to reduce stress in our lives is largely failing on deaf ears. Modern life is a stress. You can not escape stress, there is no shortcut out. It’s like asking a fish to have less water. Even an experience such as winning the lottery can trigger the same stress hormones as negative events. Now imagine sitting down to watch TV in the evening when suddenly a dog starts barking.

The most important thing is to realise what is happening:

Repetition: The dog keeps barking and won’t stop

Unpredictability: The barking came out of nowhere and you don’t know when it will stop

Lack Of Control: You have no way to directly stop the dog from barking

It’s these three factors that generally lie behind the problem of chronic stress. The stress response exists to protect us from danger. Now let’s have a look at the choices you can make in your life to battle stress.

Part 1:

First are the choices that anyone can implement. If you start with these, you will be laying down the foundation of your pyramid. Don’t try to change more than one thing at a time! Over the course of a year, you will be making 52 weekly changes in your lifestyle. There is no need to pile up on yourself.

Part 2:

These are the choices that will be harder and you will feel resistance about adopting them. That’s perfectly fine. These harder choices can wait until you have finished with all the easy choices. Obviously for some people, the harder choices will actually be easier than the easy choices.

Just Remember: That whatever choices you make, they have to be permanent if you want to actually benefit from them. Since you are making one change a week, you have seven days to see if it works. If everything goes well and smooth, next week you are ready to move on to the next change.

The Easy Choices:

  • Meditate every day
  • Decrease background noise and distractions at work
  • Avoid multi tasking and deal with one thing at a time
  • Stop being the cause of someone else’s stress
  • Stop unloading your stress on family and friends
  • Avoid people who are sources of stress and pressure
  • Be in contact with people who are meaningful to you
  • Decrease boring and repetitive work
  • Take up a hobby
  • Reduce your alcohol intake to one glass a day

The Harder Choices:

  • Seek the most meaningful work you can find
  • Be a manager instead of a worker
  • Seek job security over money
  • Become more accepting
  • Stop resisting as much as you can
  • Stop taking on too much responsibility
  • Stop bringing work home
  • Take more days off work
  • Enjoy nature everyday
  • Find a mentor

Now that we have seen the good ways to deal with stress, let’s see if you react similarly to any of the following, these are the bad ways. Make sure you never do any of the following from today on:

  1. I react emotionally and sometimes blow up
  2. I complain about the pressure
  3. I pass my stress down to my family and friends
  4. I put up with stress until I get a chance to unwind (e.g going to the gym or the bar)
  5. I put even more pressure on myself and others believing that it makes me stronger and more competitive


Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to conquer stress is to stop being the cause of stress for others. This involves being more self-aware than the other easy choices. But it’s worth it. Some of the bad ways to deal with stress have already been mentioned. Basically they involve putting your stress on others instead of dealing with it yourself. Many of us do this by bottling stress up through out the day and then going to the gym to unwind. It might seem like a good way to solve this, however it does nothing for the atmosphere at work.

How You Can Be The Healer Of Stress –

  • Asking others how they feel and listening to their answer
  • Not insisting that you get your own way
  • Always showing respect to everyone
  • Never criticizing others in public
  • Accepting input from as many people as possible
  • Not gossiping
  • Being open to new ideas no matter whom they come from
  • Treating both sexes equally
  • Not being a perfectionist who can never be satisfied
  • Waiting until you are calm before addressing a situation that makes you angry

Now make sure you read everything carefully in this post, then share it with your friends and family on social media to help them out with stress as well!




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