How To Use The Power Of Motivation ?

Motivation. It can change everything. If you are lazy and keep procrastinating, you might go on YouTube and search the term ‘best motivation video’. Now, I have seen those videos myself, they are super powerful. Now, that is the immense power of motivation, it can change your thinking in two minutes.

However, what happens a lot of the time is that people forget about it the next day. So what I like to do is to look at some of the videos again. Now, I don’t wake up at 4:30 to watch the videos everyday. But some mornings I need that motivation to get out of bed in the cold and dark mornings. So let’s have a look at what makes motivation such a powerful tool and how you can use it to your advantage. Just before you read the rest, watch this video and take a minute to see how you feel. Better? Want to do more? Motivated To Become better?

The Attitudes That Motivate Us

If the shoes don’t fit, what shoes would fit better? If we look at the most motivated people, we find that there are three attitudes that change their perspective.

  • Positivity
  • Gratitude
  • Self-Worth

Lets start with positivity first, work step by step.


Imagine for a moment that you are standing at the edge of a lake. You have two pebbles. In your left hand you have a pollution pebble. In your right hand you have a purification pebble. If you throw the pollution pebble in, it will kill life in the lake for generations to come. If you throw the purification pebble, it will purify and clean the water for generations to come.

Now, lets imagine that the words we use are like the pebbles and the people in our life are the water. If you choose to use negative words, they pollute our mind and destroy motivation. On the other hand, if we use positive words, we support and motivate each other. What kind of an environment do you choose to create for the people around you? Pick carefully.

There is no better example to show this than the ripple effect here!

Parents do it automatically with children. When they learn to walk, parents cheer them on. They clap and give them words of encouragement. Parents don’t wait until the baby falls over so they can laugh at them and call them ‘stupid’. Yet this is exactly what is going on everyday. We criticize people the minute something goes wrong, but forget to give others positive reinforcement to keep going.

There is a really good quote to remember this when you want to criticize someone!

” Don’t criticize others for the way things are being done unless you are prepared to volunteer to do them yourself ”

No wonder we don’t get as much support from members of our community as we would like. The minute they do something, they expect someone to criticize them. Most of the time the balance between criticism and supporting others is very wrong.

Start to think of yourself as a MOTIVATOR!


The second of the three attitudes is gratitude.

One of the greatest quotes regarding to gratitude is this:

Two men looked out through prison bars. One saw mud, and other the starts.

We all have to the power to see the best or the worst of every situation. It’s all your choice. The mud and the stars are both there. We can choose what to focus on. When we focus on the mud, we feel bogged down. On the other hand, when we focus on the stars we feel hope and gratitude.

Every day when you wake up and go sleep, make sure you think about gratitude. Think about what you are grateful for. This can be anything. Most importantly, be grateful that you have this thing, called life. That you have both legs and arms and that you can hear and aren’t deaf. Be happy that you have a house and food. For a lot of people, our basic supplies are luxuries for others.

When we focus on gratitude, there is no room for negativity. When we focus on gratitude, motivation automatically comes through. It’s like gratitude, blocks negativity.

How to focus on gratitude?

Hilde Bartlett, one of the most successful and self-motivated people I know about, has this three-step thought process for going to sleep at night. Try it and see what results you get

  1. What do I have to be grateful for today?
  2. Who do I have to be grateful for today?
  3. What are my hopes and goals for tomorrow?



It’s easy to see how self-worth is important to our own motivation, but let’s look first how it’s important in motivating other people around you. Their self-worth is important and it’s up to us to enhance it. When each person’s self-worth is high, the groups morale is high.

Have you ever stopped to listen to some people talking about their project or their company. It sometimes seems like they can’t find anything good about it. Yet their company might have a 70-year history of serving their community.

Why does this happen? Why is it that some people can’t find anything good about themselves?

It all boils down to having low self-worth. If a person’s self-worth is low, they transfer that on to their outside image and their personality. We should consider it our responsibility to help them see the best in themselves. Then, gradually as their self-worth starts to go up, they will start to believe in their company/project/in whatever they are doing!


Now let’s summarize everything you need to know about using the power of motivation:

POSITIVE – We must be positive, not negative. When we are positive, we draw people to us like a magnet. When we are positive with other people, we feel good about ourselves.

GRATITUDE – We must have gratitude. When we do, we project harmony, which is rare and attractive in group dynamics. It draws the best people to us.

SELF-WORTH – We should never underestimate the importance of self-worth, without it we cannon fulfil our potential.

Now, Do It!

Each of us has phenomenal ability. Each of us has been given phenomenal talent. When it comes to motivation, it’s easy to think that our life can change from gaining new information. But is knowledge and information really enough to impact your life?

Will it help you in any way if you know that you need to use positive words and have gratitude? How will that change your life?

No. Knowledge is not enough. Knowledge without action creates no change! Make sure you remember that! It’s like standing at the edge of the pond with the purification pebbles in your hand but not using them. It’s having the power, but not using it. It does no good for anyone.


I really hope you found this blog post helpful as it took me a lot of time and research. Now, go and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



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