The Ultimate Pre-Training Food And Drink Plan…

The Ultimate Pre-Training Food And Drink Plan – 


This is something new I will be doing.

After making an Information YouTube video I will be writing a blog about it as well. I just feel like this will give my audience more understanding and easier to understand what I am talking about. This will also help people who just prefer to read instead of watching a video. Different people learn differently.

So let’s get to the point. I will go into a little more detail than in the video.

Make sure you watch the video before reading this, otherwise it won’t make sense!

Obviously getting the right food in at the right time will let you make the most out of your training sessions. If you eat a whole pack of Skittles before a training session, it might work once but not long-term. As well as the fact that you will have a sugar crash 20 minutes later together with a bad stomach.

When I plan what I eat before training it is very different to training vs when racing.


So what do I eat before training sessions?

Well, it all starts three hours before.

3 Hours Before Training: Three hours before training you need to get in a lot of slow-release carbohydrates. My favourite food to have three hours beforehand is pasta. More specifically spaghetti (the kind of pasta really doesn’t matter). With pasta I find that I have energy throughout the whole training session. If you don’t like pasta, the second best thing you can have is an oatmeal, this will do the job just as well. When you make your pasta or oatmeal, try to eat as much as you possibly can. The more you eat now, the more energy you will have while training.

1 Hour Before Training: To be honest, this part is optional. However, I very highly recommend it. The pasta/oatmeal will give you that long-lasting energy, however this will just give you that boost you very much need. Yes, I am talking about caffeine. My 2 recommendations are either Rocket Fuel Coffee (the greatest coffee you can buy) or Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink (just as good as Red Bull, just a lot healthier). The caffeine really just wakes me up and gives me that motivation I need in the cold and dark weather to go training. The biggest benefit I get is when I am racing. That is because in racing, everything counts, even the smallest things.

30 Minutes Before Training: I recommend this for both training and racing. 30 minutes before, you should have a sugary snack. Now, I am not telling you to have three Mars Bars. If you do that, you will have a (sugar) crash. When I am talking about a sugary snack, I mean a little bar. Or maybe even half a bar of Twix, or a small packet of Skittles. This will just give you a little bit of glucose. This part isn’t essential, but it helps.

During Training: People pay a lot of money for things like Lucozade. The most important thing to do during training is to stay hydrated. If drinking just water is hard, you can just use some squash and add some salt. That will be better for you than sports drinks like Lucozade. The sports drinks you can buy in shops have exactly what I just said above, Squash with some salt. The main problem with Lucozade is the massive amounts of sugar and the colouring. The main thing to remember during training, is to stay hydrated!

Anyways, this sums up what I eat and drink before and during training. Hope this helps!



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