Instagram Live: How To Grow Social Media As An Athlete

Hi, I haven’t done a blog post in a while. That’s because I have been extremely busy with training.

So I did an Instagram Live video today because I have been getting a lot of message on my social media platforms asking me how I have been able to grow my social media accounts. But let’s get one thing straight, I am no social media guru and neither do I have 10 million followers, this is just what I have learned.

I have divided this into two parts. Remember, this is simple but not easy.

1 – Don’t overthink it. Just create.

Seriously. The problem most of you make is that you try to get that perfect video or that perfect photo. Simply document your thoughts, training, whatever is on your mind. Just whip out your phone and start recording or writing, whichever type of content you prefer. Document, record, write as much as possible. The more content you make the better. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy. If you do it right, it will feel like a full-time job. Like a full time job you love.

2 – Be Passionate. 

Trust me, if you are not passionate about your sport, people will see it. You can’t fake being passionate about something. You just can’t. If you are passionate and you truly love what you do, nothing will stop you.

To summarise it all up –

  • Love something enough to be passionate and interested in absorbing loads of information
  • Find a way to share that love with others online or offline
  • Share as much content as you can

Be creative. Create any of the following –

  • Articles. Posts about various things you love.
  • Videos. If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, create some videos about what you love, and post them.
  • Podcasts. If you know how to do this, go ahead, I don’t however, so I can’t give advice on this subject.
  • Or any other method. Any other way you can think of for sharing your message.

Share new, useful content every day.


+ If you have any questions, drop me a DM on Facebook or Instagram.




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