Travelling For Athletes

This is just a little update on what’s going on. We are currently driving to Valstagna. It is a whopping 15 hour drive from the UK, we have 12 hours left as we stayed over at my dad’s house in Bruges over night. I have never paddled on the course at Valstagna, that’s why I’m super excited.
On this post I’m just going to talk a little but about what’s its like to travel for such a long time in a car.
When you have 12 hours to drive, you really need to plan out and think how you can use those 12 hours efficiently. Everyone has different tasks, I like to use this time to plan out content, think about what I’m going to post, and school work. You just have to be smart about it, don’t use a textbook in a car because you won’t be able to write. Apart from getting some work done, there’s not much more you can do while driving.
Below I will give you a few tips and tricks on travelling as an athlete. These are just things I have learned along the way.
—> Staying Hydrated – Staying hydrated when travelling for long distances, especially in a car is hard. If I drank like I do at home, we would have to stop at every service station. There is no way around it, but what you can do is, drink more than usual the day before you travel and again when you get to your destination. Or if you’re very dedicated, you can wee in a bottle haha!
—> Food – What you eat is super important when travelling. You want to avoid is foods high in sugar or salt because those foods will make you thirsty and dehydrate you. If you want something to eat, the best thing you can do is prepare food the day before. Something high in carbohydrate like pasta.
—> Stopping At Service Stations – When you stop at a service station, you want to use those 10 minutes as well as you can. I use those 10 minutes for a micro gym session. Just after ten minutes of exercise I feel very refreshed because after sitting down for 4 hours I start to get cramps everywhere.

Hopefully you took some value from this blog. If you found this useful, give it a share so your friends can see this as well.

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