You Are 100% In Control Of 2019!

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had an amazing time and are ready to take on 2019. This article will be pretty short as this is the first of many this year!


There is only one thing I want all of you to understand. Only when you understand this, you can take on the world.

I want you all to understand that each of you reading this are 100% in control of what you do and what you accomplish this year. Yes I know it’s life and even the most unexpected things come up. But, you are in full control of this year.

Accomplishing big things is simple. But notice I didn’t say easy. What do I mean by this?

Let’s say for example you want to become a professional guitar player. Th blueprint for that is pretty easy. Practice guitar for x amount of hours a day, put your work out to the world and opportunities will come.

Sounds easy? Well, the part that people miss mostly and the reason why people aren’t where they want to be is because they do everything else except for the work.

They make excuses left, right and center about why they can’t do it and how it’s so hard. If you really want to accomplish a goal you will find a way. That’s why it’s extremely important that when you are picking huge goals you need to make sure you really really want it. Not kinda want it.

  1. Make A Blueprint/Plan
  2. Execute On The Plan
  3. Look For How You Can Improve Next Time
  4. Rinse And Repeat

What I want you to take away from this post is that you can accomplish any goal in 2019 in a few very simple steps. Make a blueprint and a plan. Then execute on your plan. Look back and see where you can improve. Then start the whole process from the start. But it’s not easy. Depending on how big your goal is, you also need to deploy a lot of patience and understand that it’s not a quick process.

Stop blaming other people, stop making excuses, stop wasting time and create a plan. What are you waiting for?

Thank You For Reading!


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