”Rest is for losers” Debunked


”Rest is for losers”. It’s such a false statement.

If you follow me pretty closely you may have got the idea that I believe in the statement as I always talk about how hard work is the key.

The key here is to understand how much rest you need. Life is all about being self-aware. This means that if The Rock sleeps 4 hours a night it might not work for you. But hey, maybe it might work.

So just test, see, and learn. That right there is how you should determine how much rest you learn.

You can find online “How much rest does the average person needs?”

But I believe there is no “average person” because we are all different and special in different ways.

A perfect example is when I first started following Dwayne Johnson closely. I saw that he trains 4 hours a day and sleeps 4 hours a day. So I of course tried that. Let’s just say; that got ugly.

Because I wasn’t self-aware I burned out in a matter of days. So I tested some more and finally found out that I feel amazing when I sleep 6 hours a night. Less and I’m sleep deprived. More and I feel groggy.

So if we return back to the “Sleep Is For Losers” statement, all I can say here is test with your body to find the perfect amount of hours to sleep, how many times a week can you train before the quality goes.

Thank you for reading!

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