Not Lying To Yourself Is The WEAPON!


The title of this article is my biggest New Year’s resolution. You can work very hard but if you are lying to yourself that’s a big problem. It’s one of the biggest problems I had last year.

This website is 100% honest and real so let me share this with you.

Last year, I lied to myself quiet a bit and felt super guilty about it.

In 2018, if I had not felt very motivated and would have gone to do a canal training session. I would have probably not pushed as hard as I could have. I either needed my coach by the bankside or training with my competition to truly push hard.

If you missed one of latest articles talking about being competitive, here is how I am able to push myself without training with my peers:

  1. On the canal I imagine my competitors chasing me down. In the gym I imagine that they lift more weight than me.
  2. This is also imagination but I imagine that I am my own competition. And I am always chasing the Kurts that I want to be.

Those two methods above is how I am able to not lie to myself. Because lying to myself is extremely easy when nobody is watching. You are there to discipline yourself.

Hope this helped and thank you for reading!

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