STOP Trying To Be Cool!


One thing which I find very interesting is when people are trying to be cool around smart people. Or they’re trying to be cool when someone is trying to explain them something and they pretend like they are too cool to listen.

Now, before we go any further, I am known for having a big ego. But most top athletes have a pretty big ego. It’s about controlling your ego.

If you’re too cool to listen to other people you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. That’s for sure.

So this is my mindset when I am going into a presentation or talking to a person smarter than me in something…

The best advice I have ever received from someone regarding to listening skills is:

Pretend like you know nothing.

I used to struggle with this because I felt like I “knew it all”.

But when you go into a situation with the mindset where you pretend like you know nothing, you will learn the most.

Thank you for reading!

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