Wow! This feels amazing! Another post about hard work. Don’t run away just yet.

Nothing makes me happier than to make content and talk about it. If you follow me closely and pay attention to what I post, when you strip it all away — it will always come down to being the hardest worker in the room. Those roots never go away.

Those last two sentences there give away the biggest “secret”. The secret to get anything you want out of life, forever, period.

This blog post was made from my Instagram video and the video was made after I saw an advert made with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he said the following:

“They say there’s this magic pill which will make you big and strong like Hercules. They say it will make you a famous actor and get you elected into public office. It will give you superhuman strength and a life of happiness. We say, there is no magic pill”

What I took away from that advert was that you need to stop looking for “the secret” or “the pill” because there isn’t one. The time that you spent looking for “that thing” you could have been working hard at your goals. That’s all there is to say.

Thank you for reading, now get to work!

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