Do your actions match your ambition?


Now, I don’t usually receive negative feedback in regards to my content. But recently I have had a lot of messages from people telling me how life is not all about working. And how I am promoting to not have any fun but just work, work, work.

So I am here to clear that up!

I don’t want people to work so hard that they get into depression or burnout. That’s really not something I want for anyone. Ever.

What I want though, is for people’s word’s to be backed up by their action. A lot of my friends tell me how they are going to accomplish these huge things. Build a huge business, become a pro athlete, become a model.

But then I see them out everyday chilling with their friends.

Hey my friend, that’s not how it works. Not sure if you have heard of something called “working towards your goals”.

But hey, if watching Netflix 5 hours a day makes you happy and you are satisfied with that. Mozeltof. I’m happy for you.

But don’t tell me that you’re going to do these “huge things” and sleep 12 hours a day. So your words have to be backed up by your actions.

I want to become a professional athlete, here I am training three times a day. Backing up my words with my actions.

Hope you found this useful! Thank you for reading!

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