So you outwork me? Read THIS!


Here’s a very fascinating argument:

So my sessions on the canal are 30 minutes long, three times a day, that equals to only 1 hour and 30 minutes of training when I don’t have access to white water.

As you know, I talk about out working all of my competition so when people hear that, they say something along the lines of:

“Bull***t you don’t outwork me.”

Most of my squad’s training goes down in Nottingham, so if they do two one hour sessions on the whitewater, it sounds like they are doing more work. But…

This is where all in training comes in.

My canal sessions: 2 minutes on, 100% intensity, 1 minute rest, 8 reps.

Now that’s extremely intense. On my canal training session, every minute is used to its maximum.

Now I understand that this doesn’t apply to sessions where you do fulls. But this, “all in” concept I use in almost everything I do.

If I have to do email work on the computer I can get twice as much done when I’m going all in one hour compared, to half in and distracted in two hours. It’s all about being 100% focused and being in the moment.

Hope you found this useful. Thank you for reading!

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