Other People Really Don’t MATTER


To have a winner’s mentality, you have to stop caring what other people think. You’ve gotta get quiet in your own head.

So many people make big life decisions based on other people’s opinions. You care so much about what your mom, dad, brother, or friends think that you’re allowing them to dictate your actions in life.

Big. Problem.

It’s the biggest reason so many people are unhappy right now. Because they value someone else’s opinion more than their own.

Once you get past that, life can get real good.

The reason I’m super happy is nobody can tell me nothing. Everybody needs to cut out as much of the noise and time with people that are negative and spend as much time with people that are positive.

Your life is predicated when you get real quiet and can’t hear another f*****g person’s opinion.

Are you really gonna let those six or seven people dictate your life because you are so fearful of judgement from others that at the end of the day when you’re 92 you will not give a f**k about.

That’s it. Nothing else to say.

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