The Secret Is Finding What Works For You!


“Hey Kurts, what would you say is the secret/trick to doing this move/to having more energy/to being more focused?” I always get this question in my Instagram DM’S.

My answer is always: Find what works for you. That right there is the secret.

When I talk about this I use the term self-awareness. Because self-awareness is the game. It’s should be the first step of success. Truly understanding who you are and what works for you is 100% the game.

Because trying to be someone who you are not is always going to end up ugly. Here are a few reasons why trying to be someone you’re not will end up badly:

  • You will almost certainly fail – Pushing yourself to be someone you’re not set up to be is not easy. Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situations that require us to adapt, to be someone we aren’t.
  • If you do succeed, you certainly won’t be happy – Because we have somewhat natural levels of each individual personality trait, pushing any one trait outside of its limits is uncomfortable. We are creating tension by pushing ourselves to think in ways we don’t usually think, to act in ways we don’t usually act, and to do things we don’t usually do. This may all be fine, as long as you stay active and too busy to slow down… but as soon as you do, your world can come crashing down on top of you.
  • Continuing to pretend you are someone you’re really not will eventually make you crash and burn – You may be able to push yourself to the limits and do so for years, decades even. Nevertheless, one day – even if it’s your last day – you will come to realize that you have wasted too much time being a person you simply aren’t.



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