Discipline is everything.


Discipline is freedom. Discipline equals freedom. It’s facts. Discipline is the deal.

Even for the most motivated people, when that alarm goes off at 4:30AM there’s at least 50% of the time when that soft pillow is just so sweet and your head just wants to stay there.

And it takes discipline to go – “nope I’m gonna get up out of this bed and do what I’m supposed to do”

And that discipline that you have at that moment you win that fight, that’s a big victory.

And then that pattern will carry throughout the day. Because when you’re up you might as well go training. You might as well go get it done.

Then when you arrive at the office and there’s a box of doughnuts for free, it’s almost an insult not to take then. But because you have that discipline, you say no.

And if you expand it out over a few months, that makes a huge difference. Huge. And it all starts with the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning.

We al want freedom, right? Financial freedom? More free time? Whatever.

And to achieve freedom, you need freedom. You want financial freedom? Be disciplined about your spending, and invest it. That’s it.

Hope you found this useful!





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