Can You Snap Into FOCUS?


This article is going to be extremely short but with a super important skill which everyone should develop. Not just athletes.

Can you snap into focus at any time. It’s an extremely important skill. Because true champions can adapt to anything.

What do I mean by this? So I will give an example as an athlete. What if I get to the gym in Nottingham (1 Hour Drive) and realise that I forgot my gym kit at home. Would I just not do the session? Of course not.

I will work with what I have. And just get the job done instead of complaining about it and probably end up not doing the gym session.

That’s one example. But one thing I’m currently working on is: When I have an extremely busy day and I go straight from work on the computer to doing a full runs delivery session. I need to switch my mind to think about the best lines for the course insead of the work I was doing 20 minutes ago.

I used to find myself not 100% focused on the task at hand but still thinking about the work that I was doing on the computer. A very powerful thing is meditation. It really helps to clear the mind and live in the moment.

Hope you found this useful! Thank you for reading!




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