Should You Feel Strong For Each Session?


Should you be feeling 100% strong for each session? Should you still train when you don’t feel like it?

This article is here because of a conversation I had with my mum in the gym yesterday. Here’s what happened:

I was tired after two sessions earlier in the day so kept shouting “poor performance” in the gym. I love being 100% honest with myself so that’s the reason behind that. My mum then said: “you should be feeling strong for every session”. I have heard a few other people say that as well.

However I do not belive that for day-to-day training you will feel amazing for every session. Not long ago I had 3 days of rest as I was ill. I then went into the gym and felt so insanely strong. But if I trained every three days I wouldn’t be out working my competition. But for competitions make sure you give yourself a few days of rest.

If you’re truly training hard then for day-to-day training you’re going to have to keep pushing through that pain and the barrier of not wanting to go training. When you do three sessions a day, the last two won’t be fun. This will build discipline and remember – Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Hope you found this useful and would love to hear your thoughts.

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