I Made The GB Junior Team: What Did I Learn?


If you follow me pretty closely you’ll know the three things I always talk about: Focus, Discipline, Hard Work. Now that I made the Junior GB Team, what is the most important take away from the whole experience. Most important thing that I learned?

The most important thing was my new method of how I prepare the course in my mind. The method of how I am able to execute my plan nine out of ten times. Massive game changer! If anyone want more info on that just drop me a direct message on Instagram. I am here to provide value to every one of my followers, not just canoe slalom athletes so I will now share something that anyone can use.

Here is is: Focus on the task, not the outcome. Focus on your job and the result will take care of itself.

I have had many canoe slalom coaches in my career so far, and everyone of them have tried to drill this into my brain. But it has finally sunk in.

If you have some important task to do, focus on it. Put all of your energy towards it rather than thinking about the outcome. With that mentality, you have the highest chance of success. This has taken me quiet a while to understand, but is so extremely important for long term success.

Thank you for reading!

Hope you can take some value from this post!

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