Pressure: Either Makes You Or Breaks You


Have you ever mastered something, but when your friends/siblings/boss ask you to do it in front of them, you just can’t. Even though you have mastered it, you’re not able to do it when asked?

While selections are still relevant, I though I would share something that I observed amongst my competitors. And that is: how they deal with pressure. Some of my competitors were physically in better shape, unfortunately they couldn’t put it together when it matters.

Six weeks before selections, we had profiling. A day where they measure your physical abilities. How much weight you can lift, how long you can sustain power etc. I will not let that happen next year but I was not at the top. I didn’t exceed in those tasks. But where I do exceed is when I need to put a full run together. Because on race day it’s 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. And when the pressure to deliver is on. But I wasn’t always good at it. It changed when I changed my focus.

Let’s be honest, no body cares how well you do in training. But what does matter is if you can deliver when you are asked. I have seen many athletes play a character as if they are so confident about themselves. They trash talk, they walk around with an open chest etc. I can clearly sense when I am around people who have ‘fake confidence’. They make it look like they don’t care about how their competitors are doing.

I was never the athlete who had ‘fake confidence’ but I used to really focus on others. This meant I wasn’t doing everything I can. If you focus on things that you can control, s**t will change. Because the result will take care of itself if you are good enough.

“There are two ways to have the tallest building in town. One is to tear everyone else’s building down, and the other is to build your building taller.” Pick the second option.

Thank you for reading! Hope you can take value from this post!

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