Being An Athlete: It’s A Lifestyle


Lots of people are confused when I say: “Being an athlete is not a thing you do, it’s a lifestyle”. So this article will be dedicated to explain my thinking behind this.

Being a professional athlete is an interesting career. You have no working hours. You are always working. That’s why I call it a lifestyle.

It’s the lifestyle of always looking out how to become better. Whether that’s picking food in the supermarket which will help with recovery or just coming to a session 30 minutes earlier to set up a course.

So I am not in the best physical shape right now, but I “will do whatever it takes” to achieve the shape I want to be in. That’s going to require eating clean and training extremely hard.

In my latest video, I had a little rant because I saw people complaining about a wide variety of things. From being single, to hating their life and crying that they are bullied for being fat. I know I may sound like a sociopath here…

90% percent of people who complain about things are not willing to do whatever it takes. And that drives me crazy. If you are not doing whatever it takes, you have zero permission to complain.

Hope you took value from this post… and stop complaining.



















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