Learning To Perform When You’re Tired…

Before I start this article I want to credit the core idea of it to Richard Fox…

So recenly I was reading a book about canoe slalom and one thing stood out to me massively. As you may know, the most improtant thing to an athlete, if we ignore physical shape and techinical ability is mental strenght and how you are able to perform under pressure.

And the most important thing to perform under pressure is self confidence.

There are many ways to build self confidence in yourself but I have never heard anybody doing it like this…

So Richard Fox turned up to a national race (reasonably important race), tired, exhausted because he had been working extremely hard leading up to the race. And when somebody asked him about why he didn’t rest, he said he did it on purpose.

He said he wanted to prove to himself that no matter how tired or exhausted he is, he’s able to race well and perform. He ended up winning the race.

That must have gave him an insane amount of confidence going into a major race knowing that he can perform so well being so tired and fatigued. Just imagine him performing after resting.

Hope you can take something away from this short little blog! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section 🙂

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