How To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams?

Sounds like this article is the “secret” right?

Well, achieving your dreams and goals is actually very simple. But it’s certainly not easy. And before I receive messages from haters saying “what do you know about life” just understand that I am sharing this as it has worked very well for me.

So think about your end goal, when will you feel fulfilled? What do you want to become? Make sure that it is a big, big goal.

Now the key is not to get overwhelmed and start thinking, how the hell am I ever going to get there. The real key is to break it down. Here I will give you an example when I have a big goal and how I go about achieving it…

Example Goal: Win a xxx medal at xxx

Now, you have 24 hours in a day, what do you need to do everyday to achieve it?

Example To Do Every Day To Win a xxx medal at xxx:

Train x hours a day, only eat clean food, drink x amount of water, read x amount of books on psychology, study top paddlers x amount of hours a day.

So after you have broke it down into what you have to do every day, it becomes very simple and it’s just about execution. Now, what I want you to do today is, when you have some free time, do this exercise, here is a step by step course on getting whatever you want out of life…

  1. Think about what is your end goal. What do you want to become?
  2. Break it down and find out what you have to do every day to reach that goal.
  3. Execute!
  4. Be consistent AF with it.
  5. Whala you are successful, happy and fulfilled

It’s not hard. You simply have to make a plan and execute. That literally is the success formula.

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