Inside The Mind Of Kurts Adams…

I talk about a wide variety of things on social media! From hard work, to discipline, to staying focused. And because I talk about a lot of different things people are always DM’ing me on Instagram and asking questions such as: “Yesterday you said you should love the process, but today you said that you should be motivated by the want to be the best, what should I do?!”

But what I share with the world is my journey, I’m not a motivational guru speaker. I am always adjusting, learning and changing. But what everything boils down to is the idea of getting better every day. Not doing anything special, but just being better than you were yesterday. Here is how I got to that mentality…

Since I’ve been very young I have only had one thing on my mind. I didn’t care about girls, friends, free time. All I cared about is being the best, the greatest, the fastest, the best. Some people may say that’s it unhealthy. But I am not forcing myself to do it. That is just me.

And I 100% understand that this mentality would drive 99% people nuts. That’s why I am only talking about one thing, and it’s also the one thing I want to share with the world. Everyday wake up and ask yourself – How can I be better than I was yesterday? Have a go and do that for a week and let me know how it goes… 🙂

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