Public Speaking

At only 17 years of age I have already visited over 30 schools and inspired over 15,000 children all around Great Britain. And this is only the start.

My Mission: It’s to change the world by sharing the most important message: No matter your background, where you live, your family’s financial situation you can achieve anyhting through hard work. Nothing is impossible. I am a living and breathing example. Against all the odds, I’m currently on the GB Junior Team… and we’re only getting started. In the visit I will share my story, talk about growth mindset and inspire the next generation of athletes, go-getters and those who want to make a real positive impact in the world.

My Story & What Message I Deliver To Schools: I was born in Latvia, but moved to the UK when I was 10. My mum moved to the UK a few years earlier when the economical crash took place. Since then my single mum has done whatever it takes to give me and my brother the same opportunities as other kids. My mum is really the person who instilled this mindset. No matter how hard it gets, you just have to keep pushing on, work hard and anything is possible if you want it bad enough. The main message at my visits is that anyone can become and do anything with their lives. Having a goal in mind and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. My second big message is that it doesn’t matter where you were born, your family’s financial situation or where you live, anybody can achieve. Because I come from a super poor and hard background, I’m so extremely passionate about the message that they can do anything. And when you’re at rock bottom you have to be willing to put in the work to achieve your dreams. Working against the odds. I took on the job to share and build belief in children that they can. When I deliver these talks, the kids can relate to me. And because they can relate, the message sticks with them.

If you are ready to be inspired, motivated and get brainwashed for success just contact me on or on 07491909190.

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